How to Resurface Wood Floors

First thing is first you will need to rent a large circular floor sander from your local hardware store. Ask them for 3 to 5 properly sized circular shaped sandpaper heads that attach to the floor sander. The reason for this is because they lose grit from use so fast you will need to replace the sandpaper on the floor sander very often. To do this lay the floor sander on its side, raise the spring-loaded clamp that holds the circular sandpaper on, replace the old sandpaper with a new head and replace the clamp.

Sand along the perimeter of the room by hand and then move into each corner by hand with the high-grit sand paper as it will be hard for the large circular sander to get all the old varnish off the wood in those places. When the wood no longer has a varnish shine to it and you feel the wood grains to the touch, you can move on to sanding a new spot.

Sand the entire floor in this same fashion with the large floor sander. Replace the sandpaper head as needed when the grit wears off and it isn’t taking the varnish off with ease. Use a broom to sweep all the varnish and wood dust off the floor.

Apply the first coat of water-based urethane varnish to the floor. Start in one corner and work your way to the exit of the room. Use the roller to apply a thin coat over the entire wood floor area. Wait 24 hours and repeat, and then wait another 24 hours and repeat for the third and final time.