Laminate Flooring

When it comes to laminate flooring you have a few things you have to think about. Thickness, rating, features and warranty are just a few of the details that you have to be thinking about when you are thinking of installing laminate flooring.


There are a variety of thicknesses when it comes to laminate flooring. The thickness starts at 6mm all the way up to 15mm typically. The lower the mm’s the closer to commerical it is. When you are looking at lower mm’s the a poorer in quality and lower in cost. The higher the mm’s the further from commerical and closer to luxury. The higher the mm’s the higher the quality and usually is better for higher traffic areas.


When it comes to laminate flooring it is rated on the AC Rating. There are mainly 5 ratings to laninate flooring.

AC 5: Commercial: Heavy Traffic: Public buildings, department stores
AC 4: Commercial: Moderate Traffic: Hotel rooms, small office
AC 3: Residential: Heavy Traffic: Suitable for all areas
AC 2: Residential: General Traffic: Suitable for living rooms or dining rooms
AC 1: Residential: Low Traffic: Suitable for bedrooms or guest rooms


Underpad Attached: This is just as it sounds, the padding is attached to the underpart of the laminate flooring.
Square Edge: This is where the laminate flooring is all squared to 90 degrees.
Textured Finish: This offers laminate flooring with the benefit of a textured finish.
Hand Scraped: This is when you see the most unique floorings because they are hand made.


Warranties are all dependant on the quality of the laminate flooring. So the more you spend on quality the greater and longer the warranty.