Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum and vinyl are commonly confused, however genuine linoleum flooring is a classic and retro look. Linoleum is made from raw natural materials and it is preferred by environmentally friendly peoples because of the material it is made from. Linseed oil is the main ingredient in linoleum flooring. Mineral pigments are the reason for the beautiful rich colors of linoleum.


Installation can usually be done by using adhesives that are 100% solvent free and meet all low VOC adhesive requirements thus optimizing the environmental performance of the entire system. Installation is a very simple process and can usually be done by the average do it yourself person. Most linoleum flooring comes rolled and ready to install and is available in a variety of thickness. However you can also find linoleum flooring in single sheets and individual tiles.

Life Cycle

Durable materials require less frequent replacement, generate less waste, and may also realize lower long-term costs. Linoleum floors are very durable usually lasting 25 to 40 years thus reducing cost per year and the floors impact on the environment.